Trang chủDestinationsPHÚ YÊNSnap "million-like" photos at Nghinh Phong tower, Phu Yen

Snap “million-like” photos at Nghinh Phong tower, Phu Yen

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Over 25m high and inspired by “children of the dragon and grandchildren of the fairy” legend, Nghinh Phong tower is quickly becoming a popular destination for many travelers who come to check-in for virtual living.Phu Yen is getting more and more popular as tourist destination in the Central region. Not only does Phu Yen have Da Dia rapids and beautiful beaches, but it also entices visitors with new and equally appealing check-in locations. Nghinh Phong Tower is one of the new tourist attractions that is strongly impressed by its unique shape as well as the significance of the tower shape.

Explore Nghinh Phong tower – a new tourism icon in Phu YenNghinh Phong Tower is a destination of the coastal public space project of Phu Yen, including the tower, park, granite-paved road, and embankment system with a total area of up to 7000m2. This architectural work is located at the intersection of Nguyen Huu Tho – Doc Lap street of Tuy Hoa city and is one of the emerging check-in points attracting tourists to the land of yellow flowers and green grass.

Visitors are impressed by Nghinh Phong Tower’s unique shape which was inspired by the Da Dia rapids, the most famous landmark in the land of yellow flowers and green grass. The core of the tower is made of reinforced concrete, and the outside is covered in granite. This famous Phu Yen tower represents Lac Long Quan and Au Co, as well as the legend of a hundred eggs.

Accordingly, the 35m-high tower is the symbol for Lac Long Quan and the 30m-high tower represents Au Co. At the foot of each tower, there are 50 stone blocks representing hundreds of eggs. Between the towers, there is a very impressive air gap with many famous images of this land.The space is enough for about 2 people to stand together. This is also a favorite check-in corner of the young because of it looks super artistic on photos. Most especially, it is the space between the two towers that creates very special sounds when the wind blows through. People compare it to a wonderful symphony of nature.

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Every moment of the day, Nghinh Phong tower has a distinctive beauty. During the day, the view of the sea and the towering twin towers is a great virtual-living background. Visitors can check in every corner of the tower and easily get stunning photos. At night, the campus around Nghinh Phong tower is much more shimmering by Bobine Tesia lighting technology with 3D mapping and high intensity laser lights. All create a beautiful dance of light and colors.

In addition to admiring the beauty of the tower, when coming to Nghinh Phong tower, visitors can also enjoy the airy, windy space by the beach, walk on the stone walkway and gaze out at the vast sea.Experience taking photos at Nghinh Phong tower, Phu YenAs a new tourist icon of Phu Yen, tourists to Tuy Hoa city definitely want to visit Nghinh Phong tower to admire the scenery and snap some photos for memories. The first experience you should keep in mind to have a short trip at this gorgeous tower is to choose the right time. Because there are no trees around the square, it is extremely hot. The best times to check in are between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m., and after 4:00 p.m.

When checking in, you should capture the blue sky and yellow sun to get better photos. According to virtual-living believers, the panoramic shooting angles of Nghinh Phong tower with the main character will make the picture more vivid. The check-in outfit is not fixed, you just need to pose comfortably and confidently.

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Nghinh Phong Tower is also very close to many famous tourist attractions of Phu Yen, so visitors can combine sightseeing. There are some suggestions, such as Bai Xep or Hon Chua.Nghinh Phong Tower in Phu Yen has become one of the most beautiful tourism symbols in the land of yellow flowers and green grass. When visiting and exploring Phu Yen, you should not miss the opportunity to see and check in this beautiful architecture to bring back photos with “millions of likes.”

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