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Take a look at beautiful waterfalls in Moc Chau that make visitors fall in love

Are you bored with the noisy and busy streets? Do you want to find a highland to admire the wild and magnificent nature to “cool” your soul? The following beautiful waterfalls in Moc Chau that we introduce will surely make you admire and wish to come once to see with your own eyes.1. Dai Yem Waterfall – one of the most famous waterfalls in Moc Chau 💦It is not an exaggeration to say that the Dai Yem waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Moc Chau today. This place is located in Muong Commune, Moc Chau District, also known with other names as Ban Vat waterfall or Nang waterfall. The waterfall is formed from a limestone wall and the Vat stream. When the stream flows to the limestone, the water will rise to the low bank and pour down each stone step and create a vivid waterfall with pure wild beauty in the peace and quietness of the Northwest mountains and forests.

Falling from a height of 100m, the Dai Yem waterfall looks soft, gently splashing white water like a silk strip falling from the sky. Surrounding the waterfall are luxuriant green trees that create a beautiful and majestic natural landscape.

2. Nang Tien Waterfall – a soft silk strip amidst the mountains and forests💦Among the beautiful waterfalls in Moc Chau, Nang Tien waterfall has just been discovered recently, located about 25km from Moc Chau town, near Chieng Khoa waterfall. Nang Tien Waterfall consists of 3 floors, each floor exudes a very unique beauty. When coming here, visitors will be immersed in the scenery of a peaceful and clear waterfall. At the foot of the waterfall, there is a clear blue lake for people to bathe and relax.

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According to Moc Chau travel experience, the second floor of the waterfall is the pinnacle of beauty. Although you have to go upstream to get to the 2nd floor, it is worth it because the image of the white waterfall pouring into the picturesque emerald green lake is not everywhere.

3. Chieng Khoa Waterfall – one of the beautiful waterfalls in Moc Chau you cannot ignore 💦One of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Moc Chau is Chieng Khoa waterfall. This waterfall is hidden deep in the forest in Van Ho district with a green lake in the dense vegetation that makes many people think of a charming beach in the primeval forest. Chieng Khoa Waterfall is impressed by its poetic and wild beauty. Although it has been put into tourism service, the beautiful scenery here still retains its natural and fresh features. You will admire the beauty like a blur of white clouds and white foaming water.

According to local people, at the time when the waterfall is most beautiful, the whole waterfall looks like a white cloud stretching from the top of the mountain to the abyss. Fast-flowing water creates a misty layer of fog. Chieng Khoa Waterfall consists of 7 floors with a height of 7-10m. In particular, at the foot of the waterfall, there are wide spaces like a lake for visitors to bathe, relax and check in.

4. Tat Nang Waterfall – the favorite waterfall in Moc Chau 💦Tat Nang Waterfall deserves to be named on the list of beautiful waterfalls in Moc Chau because of its unique beauty. Nestled behind the green terraced fields or golden terraced fields in the ripe rice season, Ta Nang waterfall splashes sparkling foam all year round, watering the fields and the souls of the visitors.

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Park your motorbike in the street, you then follow two small concrete paths 150-200m long to be able to admire this majestic waterfall firsthand. About 3km from the waterfall, there will be a natural hot spring lake (temperature ranges from 35-40 degrees Celsius). After visiting the waterfall, you can come here to immerse yourself in the warm water to relax.

After admiring the image of these beautiful waterfalls in Moc Chau, do you want to pack your backpack and go right away?


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