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The Cat Linh – Ha Dong train route – A ‘genuine’ check-in corners that should not be missed

🚆The Cat Linh-Ha Dong railway route has recently begun operations, but Ha Thanh’s young people have jumped on board and discovered several magical check-in places, transforming this location into one of the locals’ new virtual-living corners of the capital.🚆The Cat Linh – Ha Dong train line, which was officially inaugurated after more than ten years of waiting, is not only a new urban railway that provides people with a rapid and contemporary travel experience, but it is also a destination that young people want to visit. There are good check-in corners that promise deep photos no less than “our country”. When you ride the Cat Linh – Ha Dong tram, you can not only observe from above with a new perspective, but you can also live in virtual reality with endless amazing shooting possibilities.

✳DISCOVER CAT LINH – HA DONG TRAIN ROUTE ƯITH SPLENDID CHECK-IN CORNERS🌵Cat Linh – Ha Dong train line was formally launched on November 6, 2021, in Hanoi, this is the first elevated urban railway in Vietnam, thus straight after it was officially opened, this site has become a destination where many young people come to explore and discover attractive check-in places.

🌵 Stations along the Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway line will have varied colored walls, which will provide young people a more diversified check-in perspective when they come here.

🌵After snapping the photo and entering the first terminal, you may check-in at the stairway area with a great view and colorful reticle walls.

🌵 When you proceed to the 2nd level, the train waiting room, you can also comfortably check-in the station with endless various wonderful shooting angles when wandering about the waiting area, such as the sunny green squares or the present station background. as lovely as South Korea Even when the train pauses to pick up people, you will have a very deep check-in space to pleasantly relax.

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🌵 When you board the train, the area inside becomes a place for you to experience a virtual life with various shooting perspectives; simply stand on the train or sit near the window with the photo frames continually changing. You also got some nice photos.

✳ INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GO ON THE CAT LINH – HA DONG TRAIN🌸It is known that the commercial exploitation of the Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway line will be separated into two phases, with 15 days of free passenger service in the first 1 and 6 months, so you may easily enjoy it.🌸The Cat Linh – Ha Dong tram route will be open every day from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., with 4 to 6 trains running every 10 to 15 minutes.

🌸When you arrive at the station, a staff member will assist you in purchasing a ticket at the automatic ticket counter. You will offer cash and select the arrival station, and the machine will issue a ticket with a plastic card and any change. In addition to buying tickets using automatic machines, you may also quickly buy tickets at station counters.

Please use this ticket to swipe at the ticket gate after purchasing a ticket; the gate will automatically open for you to get on the platform and wait for the train. To leave the station, insert your ticket into the slot at the ticket gate at the departure station.The initial ticket fee will be VND 7000, and each km will be charged VND 600; this is the first time Vietnam has implemented this method of paying per kilometer; you pay less if you travel short, but more if you go long.

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🌸Currently, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong train route is a very HOT check-in site for young people in Ha Thanh. Come and enjoy the most contemporary tram line in Vietnam, and don’t forget to check-in at the station to have the finest experiences. To memorialize this unique occasion, take a photo that will last a lifetime.🌵


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