Trang chủWORLDThe fairy-like Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe in Thailand

The fairy-like Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe in Thailand

Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe is a very hot check-in coordinate in the land of Golden Temples thanks to its rare romantic beauty.☕Where is Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe?Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe is a favorite destination for domestic and international tourists when traveling to Thailand. Although it is not a top-notch architecture or possesses a prime location, Chata Thammachart is memorable thanks to its spacious space and impressive pink grass garden.

It is known that this beautiful cafe is located in Nakhon Pathom province, Thailand. This place is about 30 kilometers away from Bangkok. Visitors can take a taxi or use personal vehicles to reach this cafe.

Chata Thammachart’s exact address is 168 หมู่7 Rai Khing, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73210. The cafe is located in a large and beautiful rice field, bearing the impression of the peaceful and poetic countryside.

In the near future, if you have the opportunity, remember to take the time to check in to Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe to bring back lots of beautiful virtual-living photos. In addition to the pink grass garden, every little corner in the shop is carefully designed, creating a beautiful background for you to show off.

🌾What’s so beautiful about Chata Thammachart cafe?There must be a reason that the Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe is famous all over Thailand, even in the world. Perhaps the first important thing is its very special position. Chata Thammachart is not located right in front of the street or busy avenues. It is hidden among the scenery of the countryside with surrounding rice fields.

Visiting this beautiful cafe, visitors seem to be secluded from the busy life of Bangkok city. High-rise buildings or heavy traffic are left behind, this place is large and spacious with open spaces on all sides so that guests can comfortably breathe the fresh air when they come to the cafe.

Chata Thammachart cafe is designed based on the inspiration of temples in Thailand. The whole cafe consists of two buildings with round cylinders. The roof above is made of raw materials, looking like a giant conical hat spreading in the middle of the rice field.

Around the cafe are vast rice fields and a beautiful large lotus lake. The entrance to the cafe is a winding wooden path weaving through rice fields. Just standing here, you can freely take many virtual-living pictures. Depending on the season of green rice or ripe rice, the scenery around the cafe has a distinct color.

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The cafe is divided into 3 main areas. In two large buildings, rows of tables and chairs are arranged with a direct view of the rice fields. There is also a row of thatched-roof houses along the road from outside to the cafe. This place will be the ideal seat in the early morning or afternoon for diners.

Recently, Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe has also arranged more beautiful nomadic tents to serve the needs of visitors. You have a unique seat to enjoy drinks, and a beautiful photo-shooting angle, just like the movie studios.

It can be said that thanks to the charming view of the rice fields and the design in harmony with nature, Chata Thammachart has “surpassed” other luxury coffee shops, becoming the most attractive coordinates. In addition, the artificial pink grass garden that the shop has invested in has turned this place into a famous virtual living spot.

🌸The pink grass garden in Chata Thammachart makes everyone “fall in love”If in the past, people visited Chata Thammachart to sip drinks or enjoy the peaceful village space, now there’s one more reason to visit Chata Thammachart. It is a beautiful fairy-tale pink grass garden, creating a poetic and surprising scene.

This pink grass garden is located separately from the main area of the shop to create a favorable position for visitors to travel and take photos. It is not the type of fresh pink grass that grows naturally like in Da Lat, Vietnam. But these are dry grass dyed with high technology, so they almost never fade. The garden is always bright pink, so all you have to do is just point the camera and shoot beautiful photos.

Coming to Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe, visitors seem to be lost in a certain fairyland. All pink grass is planted in beds, leaving aisles in the middle for visitors to easily move and posing for many stunning photos. In particular, the cafe is also very psychological when placing more beautiful tables and chairs for sisters to take pictures.

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Since there was a pink grass garden, many tourists have come here to both drink coffee and check in as not everywhere in Thailand has a romantic and sweet coordinate like this wonderland.

In addition to the highlight of the pink grass garden, the Chata Thammachart cafe also designed many other beautiful shooting angles to satisfy visitors. You can sit on the swing watching the immense rice fields, take a walk on the straight path between the rice fields or nestle by the doorways and look into the distance.

In short, when visiting Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe, you only need to dress up nicely and bring a camera or a good phone, then you will definitely have a great set of photos to take home. Note, to have a good picture here, you should go in the morning when it is sunny. At this time, the photo taken will be brighter and much more eye-catching.

🍰Chata Thammachart with a diverse and attractive menuNot only is Chata Thammachart cafe a beautiful check-in spot in Thailand but also a place to serve a lot of attractive food and drinks. Depending on the time of visit, you can choose the right dishes for yourself to have more interesting experiences with Thai cuisine.

In terms of drinks, the cafe offers a variety of teas, coffees, juices, and special and nutritious drink recipes. In terms of food, guests can order snacks and elaborately-prepared savory dishes. Don’t be surprised that this cafe has hot pizza, noodles, rice, salad, etc. with a neat and beautiful presentation.

Chata Thammachart cafe is especially suitable for afternoon tea. Here, you can sit and watch the rice fields, sip a cup of hot tea and enjoy beautiful pastries. One of the most famous cakes of the shop is Chata with extremely eye-catching colors.

Chata Thammachart pink grass cafe is currently a very famous destination in Thailand, drawing the attention of many tourists. If you have the opportunity to come to Thailand to travel and relax, once come here to feel the beauty of a country cafe and take a lot of commemorative photos with the lovely pink grass garden.


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