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The hotel with luxurious windows, directly overlooking the Eiffel Tower – A paradise in Paris

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Le Metropolitan a Tribute Portfolio (France) is a hotel that captivates the rich class because of its luxurious and unique design in the midst of poetic Paris.

Le Metropolitan a Tribute Portfolio hotel in Paris (France) is located quite close to Trocadéro area, Rue de la Pompe metro station, and Trocadéro metro station. The hotel has 2 frontages right on the main road, very convenient for moving. All rooms have windows overlooking the Eiffel Tower at a fairly close distance. Photo: Mintyuri, Topparishotels.

Le Metropolitan a Tribute Portfolio hotel designed windows in the right direction to receive sunshine, convenient for the check-in needs of anyone visiting here. White walls, a bed, and a high-class food tray make the room like a professional photography studio. The luxurious bath with flowers and wine is also a favorite angle of tourists when coming here. Photo: Lemetropolitanparis.

If you want to stay here, you need to book a room a few months in advance because the hotel is always full of rooms, guests have to “long queue”. The rental price is VND 25 million/room, depending on the time there will be fluctuations. Photo: Dilettamazzari, Bestbloghotel.

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, Le Metropolitan a Tribute Portfolio is a typical French architectural work designed by famous architect Francois Champsaur. Not only has two facades on the main road, but the hotel also faces the boulevard leading to the famous Eiffel Tower, only about a 1.4 km walk. Photo: Lemetropolitanparis.

Inside the hotel, there is a restaurant, a bar, an indoor swimming pool, and a massage room serving the needs of guests. The area of each hotel room is not large, creating a cozy feeling, the main color is white. If you can’t book the most beautiful room with oval windows, you will also be very satisfied with other rooms with an equally impressive view. Photo: Hanjiwon2, May.primaya, June.jellyjune, Lemetropolitanparis.

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The hotel invests a lot in lighting and architecture. Even at night, you can still produce lavish and magnificent photos by the shimmering golden light shining down on the dark interior of the hotel. Photo: Lemetropolitanparis.

Photo: Belle soirée les amis, parisdelyn

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