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The wild and majestic beauty of Suoi Thau steppe

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Located 5km from Coc Pai town, Xin Man district, Ha Giang province, Suoi Thau steppe is an appealing destination in the west of the northern mountainous region, attracting thousands of tourists to visit. Let’s admire the majestic and wild beauty of Suoi Thau steppe through the below article.==============================================

If you have ever dreamed of a windy steppe with endless grasslands like the European countryside, then you don’t have to go far, go to Suoi Thau to know that your homeland also has such a beautiful place. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of this place. Although Suoi Thau steppe is not as endless as the fields in Europe, it is large enough to make us feel very small.Walking in the middle of the steppe with rice and corn fields dotted with rustic pine trees will make you feel like you are lost in a wonderland. The strips of rice, corn, and grass blend together like a strip of colorful brocade winding freely between heaven and earth in the Northwest.Looking down from the steppe, you can see villages lined up close together around the hillside such as Pa Vai Su, Chi Ca, Then Phan, Coc Re and Coc Pai town. Dotted around that majestic picture are rice fields and verdant orchards like rivers winding around three sides of the steppe.

What is more wonderful than the feeling of sitting with your back against the old pine tree, inhaling the scent of new rice fluttering in the wind, and admiring the majestic beauty that mother nature favors for this land? Standing on a high windy slope, in front of your eyes are rolling mountains, clouds are floating above, deep below is the blue Chay river – a beauty that is surprisingly breathtaking and very peaceful.On the hill, it is not difficult to see the image of Hmong women in ethnic floral dresses walking along the trail, happily talking and laughing, wearing a rattan basket filled with corn. A few herds of buffalo graze on the edge of the forest, sometimes the ancient bells jingle along with the sound of children playing in the wind.

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Not only captivates us with its wild beauty, but Suoi Thau steppe also makes us fall in love with the vast fields of wildflowers. In late October is also the time when Suoi Thau is covered with the pure pink color of buckwheat “stone flower”.Mr. Sung Van Sin, Head of Suoi Thau village, said that when mentioning buckwheat flowers, people often think of Dong Van Stone Plateau. However, in Xin Man, buckwheat has been grown by locals for many generations. In the past, when life was still difficult, people planted buckwheat to make cakes. Until now, this flower is still associated with the lives of the locals here. Every year in October and November, buckwheat blooms brilliantly in Suoi Thau Village.Xin Man district is about 150km from the center of Ha Giang city. With its remote location and dangerous roads, this place is less known to tourists than other destinations in the province. Going on the dangerous roads into the district, you will be amazed by the scenery here with rolling mountains, steppe and immense primeval forests gradually appearing in front of your eyes.Each season, Xin Man welcomes visitors in a different way: From September to October is the fragrant aroma of ripe rice from terraced fields; the early winter days are the dreamy pink color of buckwheat flowers covering the hillsides; Spring and summer are majestic scenery of verdant mountains, clear rivers, and lakes.With an area of ​​nearly 600 square kilometers, Xin Man district is currently home to the Nung, Mong, Tay, Dao, La Chi, Phu La, Hoa, and Cao Lan ethnic groups with diverse cultural identities. The kindness and sincerity of the ethnic people here make a very peaceful experience for tourists when coming here. Upland rice is the product of nature, heaven, earth, and human labor, creating delicious bowls of rice and strangely fragrant cups of rice wine to treat guests.With beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, and close to the territory of Nan Ma commune – the gateway connecting Xin Man with Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province, Suoi Thau steppe is an attractive destination for tourists. Xin Man district and promises to promote the development of more tourism activities in the future.

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