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There is still such a peaceful Fusion Suites in the heart of Saigon

In Vietnam, Saigon is the busiest stopover. Visitors coming here are afraid of the hustle and bustle of this prosperous urban place. But if you are a tourist who comes and goes, look at Saigon with a more tolerant attitude, go slowly to see it from many aspects. You will see that Saigon has incredible peace and loveliness. And Fusion Suites Saigon is such a destination, a tranquil place in the heart of the city for you to explore and take joy in.

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The prime locationLocated on Suong Nguyet Anh Street, the center of District 1, next to Tao Dan Park, the hotel is a great place to stay. Although this accommodation is close to notable attractions in the city like the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater, War Remnants Museum, and Ben Thanh Market, it still gives visitors a peaceful space overlooking the city’s green zone.

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It is rare for any hotel to have such a beautiful situation. The reason is that Tao Dan Park is considered the green lung of the city with many ancient trees and precious old woods. Despite being surrounded by the busiest streets of Saigon, despite how chaotic and noisy life with loud car horns is, Tao Dan Park is still green and peaceful.

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Therefore, each bedroom has a large window close to the ground, opposite the bed, overlooking the tree-lined Tao Dan Park is a huge plus of this 4-star hotel. You can lazily sleep on the soft bed and wake up with the sunlight through the trees every morning, or stand at the window, sip a cup of coffee, watch the quiet space that seems to be separated from this city.

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What makes many visitors excited when coming here is the minimalist architecture plus white tones and light wood colors, combined with the maximum use of natural light. The design style is inspired by Ho Chi Minh City itself, a modern, fresh, dynamic breath that is equally sophisticated and elegant.

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The hotel has 71 rooms with three main options, namely Suite, Corner Suite, and Family Suite. Designed as a studio apartment, in addition to the usual hotel amenities, each room also has a small kitchen fully equipped with a coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, kinds of free teas, and coffees.

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True to its philosophy of giving utmost priority to comprehensive health care, bringing freshness and balance of life energy to customers, the hotel’s Fresh restaurant always uses the freshest ingredients to bring guests healthy dishes and the harmony of rich Asian cuisine. The restaurant is open all day, even for casual customers.If you suddenly feel lazy, do not want to step out of the room, you can ask for on-site dining. It still ensures the taste, color, and deliciousness of the food as if you’re eating at a restaurant.

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Photo: Fusion Suites Saigon

The best thing here is probably Zen Rooftop – the ideal space to enjoy a BBQ party or a cocktail while watching Saigon darken in the sunset. Zen Rooftop is open all day, and private banquet rooms are available upon request. Notably, Zen also regularly provides guests with the exchanging and interacting space, inluding light acoustic music nights or exciting dance parties.

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Moreover, you will be surprised many times by Fusion Suites Saigon’s spa, sauna, and gym services. The room offers modern equipment and a variety of relaxation treatments that will help guests relax physically and mentally after daily fatigue.

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Fusion Suites Saigon can be your ideal destination for a trip or simply a place to make you feel more peaceful in this bustling city. Do not hesitate to make a plan with your loved one or the whole family to explore Saigon and experience special services at Fusion Suites Saigon!


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