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TOP 10 most beautiful photography places for virtual living in Hanoi

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People in the capital are always proud because Hanoi has so many cool check-in places. Therefore, it is both simple and economical when people want to live virtually in Hanoi. Due to the epidemic, people are not able to roam on the streets. Let’s refer to the must-visit places in Hanoi and plan a trip after the epidemic!1. Hanoi Moi Newspaper OfficeA virtual-living place in Hanoi that cannot help mentioning is Hanoi Moi Newspaper Office. Located in the Old Quarter area and on the pedestrian street, the newspaper office is one of the hottest virtual-living spots in Hanoi. Every day, young people gather in front of the legendary news board of the Hanoi Moi newspaper office to check in with all kinds of poses.

Photo: @tien_han99Although it’s just a small space for people to watch news stories with marbled green windows and an ancient yellow wall in front of the Hanoi New Newspaper office, it has drawn a lot of tourists and young people to take pictures. To get the most sparkling photos, you should go during the day to have more beautiful light.

Photo: @nofoodphobiaDuring the epidemic, the pedestrian street is temporarily closed. However, as soon as the epidemic is over, you don’t need to be afraid to go to the street to check in with your friends and take some photos at this unique office.

Photo: @l.manhh2. Phung Hung mural streetPhung Hung street is currently “the golden face among the check-in spots” in Hanoi.This old street has 17 paintings on a total of 127 bridge arches that have been painstakingly decorated by artists. With the message conveying the thousand-year-old beauty of Hanoi capital, the paintings here depict a capital from the nostalgic gaze of the past.

Photo: @l.manhhIn addition to meaningful paintings, this street is adorned with countless shimmering lanterns. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is made more beautiful by the cloth lanterns with different patterns. Many people are enthralled by this detail and they invite friends to come here for photos.

Photo: @rinh.phamm

Photo: @nofoodphobia3. Hanoi CathedralWhen it comes to Hanoi, everyone probably knows the neighborhood with the long-standing cathedral. This is also one of the favorite check-in spots of young people. The rustic things here includes the sidewalks with lemon tea, the Au Trieu neighborhood with grilled spring rolls and the view of the ancient church. After a long day at work, sitting here with close friends is the best way to unwind.

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Photo: @heyybeannThe Cathedral is even more gleaming during the Christmas season. A huge christmas trees will be erected right in the middle of the Cathedral. The romantic scene and bustling atmosphere on these days have attracted many young people to visit, check in and have a date.

Photo: @hiann_

Photo: @n.a.o.a.h_4. West LakeFor a long time, West Lake has been a popular hangout for Hanoians. This is one of the most beautiful locations to watch the sunset in Hanoi. When you arrive in West Lake, you can drop your soul into the road with green trees on both sides. In particular, this place also has Trich Sai Street and Trinh Cong Son pedestrian street that are poetic and peaceful.

Photo: @imyangg_In regard to virtual living in Hanoi, it is impossible to ignore West Lake. The scenery here will definitely give you photos that are as gorgeous as those seen in movies. In addition, along the West Lake, there are cafes and tea shops with stunning lake views, such as Santorini Vibes or Cup of Tea.

Photo: @nhunnieee

Photo: @hoaithuong.1125. West Lake AlleyThe young have recently discovered an alley near the picturesque West Lake. This alley has a beautiful view of the lake. Therefore, it is also known as “New Shanghai Harbor”. The background is so pretty that many young people flock here take a photo album for a lifetime.

Photo: @nhhimsoc13Because the alley is relatively narrow and crowded, it is quite congested in the “rush hours”. The secret to take photos comfortably is to come here in the morning or at noon. At this time, the alley is quite empty. You are free to pose and enjoy the peaceful space here.

Photo: @gnoulyaa6. Chimi Farm Strawberry Garden in HanoiChimi Farm is one of the largest strawberry farms in Moc Chau. This place is also a check-in point for “million-like” photos. As a result, when the branch first appears, many people flock to the farm to take photographs.

Photo: @_nymmm

Photo: @_nymmm

Photo: Collect7. Long Bien BridgeBuilt by the French, Long Bien Bridge is the first steel bridge across the Red River connecting the Hoan Kiem districts with the Long Bien district in Hanoi. But for Hanoians, Long Bien Bridge is not only the first bridge connecting two banks of Red River, but it is also the site that has witnessed many heroic and tragic historical events of Hanoi.

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Photo: @hllinh_vg22It is not sure from when, Long Bien Bridge has become a familiar “virtual-living” coordinate of Ha Thanh youth. If you want to take OOTDs, wedding photos, couple photos, beautiful white ao dai, etc., the background of Long Bien bridge is always a great choice!

Photo: @estefipedrero8. AEON Mall Long BienAEON Mall Long Bien is the hottest commercial center in Hanoi. With a modern design and style, this virtual-living place in Hanoi will provide you with high-quality photos similar to those in Japan. Not only has countless beautiful photo angles, this place is also a cheap food paradise for Ha Thanh youth. The food here is not only cheap but also extremely diverse and quality.

Photo: @linh.chuoii

Photo: @lehoailinh_9. Van Phuc Silk VillageVan Phuc Silk Village will be the next virtual-living spot in Hanoi. The capital is well-known for its streets and check-in corners imbued with artistic and poetic features. One of them is the 100-meter-long umbrella road leading to the traditional silk village in Ha Dong.

Photo: @songthao.nguyenRegardless of day or night, the umbrella road of Van Phuc silk village still constantly captivates the guests. Not only Hanoians, but also foreign visitors, fall in love with this place.

Photo: @jessica_x_a10. AEON Mall Ha DongA brand new virtual-living place in Hanoi that you must visit after the epidemic. Following the success of AEON Mall Long Bien, AEON Mall Ha Dong has officially opened and became the largest entertainment paradise in the North.

Photo: @_phuongoComing to AEON Mall Ha Dong, you will be amazed and overwhelmed by the unprecedented modernity of this commercial complex. The most prominent feature is the green, airy space that is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving.Above are the 10 hottest virtual living places in Hanoi that you should visit once when the epidemic is over. Hanoi is currently dormant, awaiting for the day to come back. Let’s be healthy and overcome this Covid season!

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