Trang chủWORLDTraveling to Switzerland to see the picturesque scenery

Traveling to Switzerland to see the picturesque scenery

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The majestic and poetic natural scenery along with picturesque ancient villages make Switzerland a dream destination for any traveler. Coming here, you will think that you are lost in the “paradise” on earth.========================================

As Switzerland’s most iconic landscape, the Matterhorn is among the top places to visit in this country. This peak is 4,478 meters above sea level, among the highest in the Alps. The town of Zermatt, located at the foot of the Matterhorn, is known for its unique chalets and horse-drawn carriage experience.The town of Zermatt

Especially, there are no cars on the road, except for some electric vehicles. The town is very well managed to preserve its original beauty, making it a great place for excursions. Located at an impressive height, Zermat is often the starting point for climbers looking to conquer the majestic Alps.The town of Grindelwald

Located more than 1000 meters above sea level, Grindelwald is surrounded by verdant meadows and is renowned as a perfect spot for skiing. There are also the Eiger Glacier and Switzerland’s best ski spots. Besides, this beautiful town is popular with tourists both in summer and winter.Saint Mortiz Resort

With more than 300 sunny days a year, Saint Mortiz has been a popular Swiss resort and watersport area since the 1800s. This place is also known for its extremely attractive cross-country skiing areas, as there is soft snow falling during the winter.The village of Lauterbrunnen

Located in one of the deepest valleys in the Alps, the village of Lauterbrunnen is the perfect destination for the world’s most dangerous sport – wingsuit flying. The village of Lauterbrunnen also has the beautiful Staubbach waterfall that is well worth a visit.The village of BrienzBrienz is a quiet village located on the edge of a turquoise blue lake with about 3,000 inhabitants. The village’s history dates back to the Bronze Age and is famous for its tradition of wood carving. Coming here, you will admire the beautiful wooden buildings and many other amazing architectures.Mount Jungfraujoch

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This mountain peak is considered the “roof of Europe”. The site is also famous for being the highest railway station in Europe, accessible from the village of Grindelwald and the village of Lauterbrunnen. This is a must-visit place during your trip to Switzerland.The town of Interlaken

Located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, this beautiful resort town is home to vast spaces, gardens, and towering peaks such as the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch. In addition, tourists can participate in activities such as hiking, kayaking, or trying their hand at abseiling (climbing down the cliff by rope).City of Lucerne

Surrounded by mountains, with beautiful scenery with bridges and historic buildings, the city of Lucerne is like a place straight out of a fairy tale. The city center does not encourage cars, so tourists often walk to explore this city. Not-to-be-missed highlights in Lucerne are the Chapel Bridge, the Lion Monument, the Swiss Museum of Transport, and Lake Lucerne.The Capital City of Bern

As a World Heritage Site and also the capital of Switzerland, Bern is definitely an indispensable stop in every traveler’s itinerary. With an impressive array of galleries and museums, Bern is also an ideal place to visit for those who want to admire the wonderful art and sculpture collections.

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