Trang chủWORLDVisit Japan's Kinkakuji Shrine, a golden lakeside temple with excellent check-in areas

Visit Japan’s Kinkakuji Shrine, a golden lakeside temple with excellent check-in areas

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Kinkakuji Temple is a gilded temple in Japan with a distinctive architectural style. This site gets exceptionally stunning check-in coordinates due to its placement on a picturesque lake.Kinkakuji Temple Japan – an impressive destination in the land of cherry blossomsKinkakuji Temple Japan is a Golden temple also known as Rokuonji. The temple is located in the North of Tokyo, at 1 Kinkakujicho, Kita-Ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 603-8361.

Japan’s golden temple has been famous across the world for decades. This work is so well-known that it is featured in school textbooks. The temple has also been designated as a global cultural heritage site by Unesco.

Every day, Kinkakuji Temple is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Tourists can come here from Kyoto Station via bus number 101 and 205. Alternatively, you can also take the subway Karasuma line or take a taxi to this beautiful temple.Kinkakuji Temple HistoryJapan’s Kinkakuji Temple was originally a guesthouse of General Ashikaga – commander-in-chief of the Muromachi period (1336-1573). When he died, the entire building was built into a temple and inlaid with gold.

The temple was demolished in 1950, though. The structure was renovated five years later and has since become a distinctive Japanese destination. Visitors may now enjoy traditional Japanese buildings while learning about the rich culture of the Muromachi era when they visit this temple.

Today, this gilded temple is considered the national treasure of Japan. In 1987, the outer gold coating of the shrine was thickened, enhanced the interior, and restored the Yoshimitsu statue. As a result, the project gains in beauty has more important values and draw a huge number of tourists.The beauty of Japan’s Kinkakuji TempleTake time to see this lovely gilded temple if you ever get the opportunity to travel to Japan. Kinkakuji Temple is wonderful not just because of its gilding, but also because of its architecture and surroundings.

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Kinkakuji Temple Japan is a complex with a beautiful location next to a large lake. Coming here, you seem to be lost in the fairyland when in front of you is a golden temple, surrounded by a calm lake and meticulously cared for green gardens.

The temple, which rises to a height of 12.5 meters and is crowned by the lake, has a beautiful look. Visitors may observe the characteristic Shinden style of the Heian period from afar.

This golden temple in Japan appears with incredibly amazing and peculiar beauty, with a structure of timber, gilded edifice consisting of three levels. The two top levels are inlaid with conspicuous gold, which gleams in the sunlight. The bottom level, in particular, has the usual brown tone of the wood.

To fully enjoy the beauty of the golden temple, you should slowly watch from afar, not rush to approach the temple. Because of the panoramic view, you will see a golden building appearing among the green trees. The shimmering splendor of the temple’s shadow reflected on the lake’s surface is half deceptive and half genuine.

In particular, when standing and watching the temple from afar, it is even easier for visitors to take a few virtual photos. You have just got the whole temple, just got into the picture frame of the surrounding gardens and flowers.

Then, when you’re ready to photograph, take your time to get closer and fully enjoy Japan’s, Kinkakuji Temple. The temple’s three levels each have their marks, demonstrating the various aspects of traditional Japanese architecture.

The temple’s first level is Shinden style, with natural wood pillars. The walls, which are made of white plaster, have a powerful and beautiful appearance. Even if the first level isn’t gilded, it nonetheless exudes importance and makes an impact.

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A Buddha Shaka and Yoshimitsu statue may also be seen on the first level of the golden temple. Even though tourists are not permitted to approach the temple, the magnificent and solemn sculptures may be seen from afar through the window.

The elegance of Bukke style may be seen on the second floor. This is the most frequent style for samurai homes. The second floor’s exterior is totally covered in thin gold leaves. A statue of Bodhisattva Kannon stands on the second story, flanked by sculptures of four heavenly monarchs.

The Japanese Kinkakuji Temple’s last level is designed in the manner of a Chinese Zen temple. The third level is coated with bright and glittering gold on both the interior and outside. There is also a phoenix cast in exquisite and exceptional gold material on top of the temple’s roof.

This temple is extremely valuable because of the gold plating on the second and third floors. In the spirit of Japanese Buddhism, this art has a metaphorical value as well. Many people come here to enjoy the beauty of this unique gilded work when visiting Phu Tang’s land.

Today, Japan’s Kinkakuji Temple has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here, visitors both enjoy brilliant work and have the opportunity to learn more about the history of formation and the ups and downs of this golden temple.

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