Trang chủDestinationsNINH THUẬNVisit Ninh Thuan's Hom beach to see sea turtles laying eggs

Visit Ninh Thuan’s Hom beach to see sea turtles laying eggs

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Hom Beach in Ninh Thuan is still an unspoiled destination, an ideal stopover for tourists who love the quiet beauty of nature and like to explore new horizons when traveling to the Central region.About Ninh Thuan’s Hom beachHom beach is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, about 35km from Phan Rang – Thap Cham city and about 1km from the headquarters of Nui Chua National Park

Currently, Ninh Thuan’s Hom beach is still not widely known. Usually, only local people come here for picnics on holidays. Therefore, there are no services available for tourists.

The best time to visit Ninh Thuan’s Hom beachLocated in the South Central Coast region, Bai Hom has a sunny and windy climate. There are two seasons: sunny and rainy seasons. The rainy season takes place from September to November. This is a favorable condition for island trips. The high tourist season in Ninh Thuan falls from August to October, right in the season of ripe grapes and the biggest Kate festival of the Cham people (October of the solar calendar).

The beauty of Hom beach in Ninh ThuanHom beach in Ninh Thuan is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains, making the scene romantic and mysterious. Perhaps that’s why backpackers give this place the name “Son Ca beach”. As a part of a tourist arc including Nui Chua National Park, Vinh Hy Bay, It is also the place of an annual breeding ground for sea turtles, although not as much as in Thit Beach.

Bai Hom in Ninh Thuan possesses unspoiled natural scenery because tourism services have not been fully exploited. There is a white sand beach dotted with seaweed, undulating rocky mountains, and dreamy blue sea color. Many people compare this beach to a “jewel” hidden among the trees, soothing the hot sunshine in the land of Ninh Thuan.

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In particular, there is an extremely fanciful world under the ocean on Hom beach. The coral reefs here are considered to be among the most abundant ecosystems in the Central region, and the aquatic species living on the coral reefs are equally diverse.

Interesting experiences at Hom Beach in Ninh ThuanTake a stroll along the beach, explore cavesIn the quiet, poetic space at Hom beach in Ninh Thuan, you can freely walk on the white sand, swim, or fish. For those who are adventurous, let’s climb the precarious cliffs or visit the beautiful caves.

Watch the sunriseIf you come to Hom beach early in the morning, let’s relax your soul and take a deep breath to truly feel the salty taste of the sea. You can take a leisurely walk to find a convenient place to watch the morning scenery, watch the glittering golden sunlight shining through the thin mist on the sea surface.

Camp at nightVisitors can prepare small tents to camp overnight on the beach, light a fire to enjoy fresh seafood. It is very interesting to sit together, sing, talk, and watch thousands of stars reflected on the calm sea surface under the cool breeze. You will seem to let all the fatigue of work and life behind.

What to eat when visiting Hom beach in Ninh Thuan?During the trip to Ninh Thuan’s Hom beach, don’t forget to enjoy famous Ninh Thuan specialties such as stuffed pancake, pancake, deep herring salad, Phan Rang chicken rice, Ninh Thuan lamb, grilled rice paper with scallion oil, anchovy sauce with rice vermicelli along with famous seafood species.

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Let’s take a trip to Ninh Thuan’s Hom beach to feel the wild and quiet beauty of the sea once. Hopefully, the above shared information will help visitors have an interesting and memorable Ninh Thuan trip.

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