Trang chủWORLDWat Benchamabophit - Thailand's most attractive destination

Wat Benchamabophit – Thailand’s most attractive destination

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Famous for thousands of temples across the country, Thailand tourism attracts a lot of Buddhists from all over the world to go on pilgrimage and visit. One of the famous temples in Bangkok for its ancient beauty and many features of Thai culture is the Marble Temple – Wat Benchamabophit. It is also a great attraction for tourists when they come to Bangkok.💟 If you come to Thailand and ask which are the most beautiful temples here, the most likely answer you will get is the Marble Temple.


@halosmity💖 About Marble TempleThe Marble Temple is located at 69 Nakornpathom Road, Dusit District, Bangkok, Thailand. Built in 1899 by order of King Chulalongkorn, it was not until 1909 that the temple was completed. The design of the temple was designed by Prince Naris, the king’s half-brother.

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@theemonoIn Thai, the temple’s name is Wat Benchamabophit, which means ‘the Temple of the fifth King located near Dusit Palace’.

@travel_freaksofficialPossessing the most typical features of Thai architecture at that time, the temple was ranked among the most beautiful temples in Thailand and became a tourist destination for many tourists from around the world.

@travel_freaksofficial🍍 Unique architecture of Marble TempleNaris, the half-brother of the king and the designer of the Marble Temple, is a talented architect. It was he who closely followed the construction process of the temple meticulously in every detail to bring the temple to the perfect appearance as it is today.



@ooo_lin_oooWhen visiting the Marble Temple, visitors can readily find that the works in the temple have the typical design of Thai temples, with extremely classic three-layered golden tile roofs.

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@noeliajustinianoThe walls and the system of pillars are completely made from Carrara marble originating from Italy, creating a perfect glitter for this temple. This is also one of the reasons why the it is called Marble Temple.

@noeliajustiniano🍁 Admire the beauty at Marble TempleAs a famous spiritual place of worship, inside the temple is a gold-plated Buddha statue, which is a copy of the original Phra Buddha Chinnarat that resides in Phitsanulok province. The statue stands prominently on the reflective blue wall, creating a fanciful shimmer for the main hall.

@moonylunamoonAt the foot of the statue are the ashes of the famous king in Thai history – Chulalongkorn.

@shellamuliaWalking around to explore the Marble Temple, visitors will see that the works here are carefully designed and meticulously crafted with impressively intricate patterns and carvings in the royal style.

@thediscoverynutThe four blocks around the temple are home to 52 bronze Buddha statues. This is a collection of statues from many different countries, each with a different pose and meaning.


@theemono💕 Some important notes you need to know when visiting Wat BanchamabophitWhen coming here, visitors are required to dress politely, respecting the solemn atmosphere in the temple. Men must wear long pants and a short- or long-sleeved shirt (sleeveless shirts are not accepted). Women must wear skirts or pants below the knees and also should not wear off-the-shoulder tops or tank tops.

@_southeastasiaYou should wear easy-off shoes or sandals because you need to take your shoes off when entering any area, and it is quite time-consuming and takes up space for others to walk. In addition, tourists leave a lot of slippers outside, so be careful because there is a possibility of getting lost in shoes.

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@kasina.rDepending on the time of visit, but in general, going to Wat Benchamabophit in combination with other destinations is very sunny, so you need to bring a hat and apply sunscreen for more convenience when walking in the areas.

@thuymiAlthough this attraction is not as famous as Wat Pho, the Royal Palace, in fact, the number of tourists coming here is also very large. Therefore, you need to know this in advance to accept the crowded scene as an evident thing in tourist destinations.

@julie_lapuleSpecial note: Visitors are not allowed to take pictures in the interior (areas inside the temple). The temple is very beautiful, you can take advantage of shot virtual-living photos in front, where everyone has moved in to visit.

@hellomissjordanIt is recommended to combine visiting Wat Pho, Royal Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Traimit when visiting Wat Benchamabophit to be able to compare the beauty in their architecture.

@ourtravelvoiceWith royal modernity combined with traditional features typical of Thai culture, the Marble Temple is a very unique work, bringing satisfaction to visitors. That’s why you should not miss this temple when visiting the kingdom of smiles.

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