Trang chủFOOD AND DRINKWeekend rendezvous: Meet a new Saigon, complete with virtual-living areas that lead...

Weekend rendezvous: Meet a new Saigon, complete with virtual-living areas that lead you astray.

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Some luxurious – authentic – smooth, and cool areas await your arrival!🌟 Luia Cafe – The lady of expensive-looking KoreaLuia café, located on Dien Bien Phu street, appears to be secluded from the city’s hectic flow by providing a peaceful environment. This branch has just been opened by Luia’s family, impressed by the modern, airy, and Korean-inspired campus hidden behind the shop’s classic brown-wooden gate. The overall architecture has created an elegant and equally youthful beauty for Luia.

Photo: rinn.hao

Photo: lihhmayBesides, the design of transparent glass doors makes the cafe’s space bright in the gentle rays of sunlight with a sense of freedom. In particular, the brilliant yellow flower garden blooming in the middle of the shop will make you feel connected to nature.

Photo: luusuebeautyLuia is separated into two floors, with each floor’s area allocated reasonably. Luia’s striking milky white tint gives you a fresh sensation and makes you exceedingly pleasant. In the spirit of minimalism, the cafe’s tables and chairs are seated in a neat, non-picky manner; There are only a few art paintings, beauteous small potted plants, and the golden light of the shop as the focal point.

Photo: katie_in_juneAn opulent space with the spirit of kimchi country awaiting you to check in!🌟 Cheese Coffee – One-of-a-kind French-style cafeAs the new 16th spirit child newly launched by the Cheese family, as soon as Saigon returned to new normal status, the Cheese Coffee in Dinh Tien Hoang has stormed by countless virtual-living spaces garnering the attention of youngsters.

Photo: Milan.phannn

Photo: tr.iss29The prominent black tone that dominates the whole area of Cheese Coffee is its top-notch point, lending it a mysterious and sumptuous beauty. In addition, the cafe’s name is plated with gleaming gold, elevating Cheese Coffee’s French-style architecture to a new level of opulence and splendor.

CÓ THỂ BẠN THÍCH  Dạo qua những quán cafe đẹp với không gian lãng mạn bậc nhất ở Paris

Photo: Nguyen Hoang Quang LangAside from producing million-like photographs in every area of the café, Cheese Coffee also offers a broad drink menu, as well as attractively adorned and greasy pastries. Because the shop is fairly packed on a daily basis, homies of Cheese Coffee, please wait patiently in line and follow the guides to prevent covid-19!

Photo: tana.2611🌟 In seek of Saigon’s breath in Katinat Saigon KafeKatinat Saigon Kafe, which recently opened near the intersection of Tran Hung Dao and Tran Binh Trong, has sparked a frenzy among the city’s young. Katinat continues to gain marks for its modern, stylish, and bold Saigon architecture, despite being a lavish room covered in a stunning cobalt blue coat with Mediterranean hues.

Photo: Trang Trang.__Katinat Saigon Kafe in Tran Hung Dao is subdivided into three levels. The area is towering and expansive, with several tables and chairs on each floor to accommodate a wealth of dinners. With the fashionable, exquisite ornamentation, cobalt blue tones coupled with beige and deep brown tones make an exceedingly harmonious and intricated whole. This is a fantastic place for young people to meet up, work, and contemplate the hectic streets of Saigon.

Photo: leerii_11.05In terms of the menu, Katinat has introduced a trio of premium teas: Macchiato grilled oolong tea, Macchiato Thai milk tea, and B’Lao Macchiato black tea.

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