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Where is Bach Dang Wharf in Saigon, what to play?

Saigon Bach Dang Wharf attracts visitors with its airy space, a series of beautiful shimmering virtual living corners, and romantic night scenes. Let’s “pocket” the very detailed experience of discovering Bach Dang Wharf through the following article.Where is Bach Dang Wharf in Saigon?Bach Dang Wharf is located at 02 Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Previously, Bach Dang Wharf used to be the busiest commercial port in Saigon. Currently, this place is built into a harbor area combined with a large park to attract tourists. From Saigon’s Bach Dang Wharf, visitors will admire the Bitexco building and the magnificent Saigon River.

Bach Dang Wharf is associated with important historical milestones of the nation. The reason for the name is Bach Dang because it is associated with the event of 3 victories over the enemy on the Bach Dang River. Here, the people of Saigon built a monument of Tran Hung Dao pointing his finger in the direction of Bach Dang river to remember the heroic war of our army and people in 1288.

The best time to go to Bach Dang Wharf in SaigonYou can go at sunset to explore Bach Dang Wharf. This is the best time to admire the sunset behind the skyscrapers. In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to watch the luxury yachts moving on the extremely romantic Saigon River.In addition, you can also visit Bach Dang Wharf at dawn. At this time, the Wharf is extremely quiet, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the whole beautiful scene here.

How to get to Sai Gon Bach Dang WharfTo get to Bach Dang Wharf in Ho Chi Minh City , from the city center, you can choose from many different ways of transportation. The most convenient routes chosen by many people include:– Nam Ky Khoi Nghia – Ham Nghi – Ton Duc Thang route– Ly Tu Trong – Dong Khoi route– Le Thanh Ton – Nguyen Hue – Ton Duc Thang routeIn addition, traveling to Bach Dang Wharf in Saigon, you can also take a waterbus on the river to admire the romantic beauty. On the Saigon River, there are currently 4 waterbus stations on the river: Hiep Binh Chanh Wharf (Thu Duc District), Thanh Da Wharf (District 2), Linh Dong Wharf (Thu Duc District), and Binh An Wharf (District 2).

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What does Saigon Bach Dang Wharf have?What does Saigon Bach Dang Wharf have? You will be able to explore the large park, admire the beautiful scenery on the water bus, take virtual-living photos and watch the beautiful romantic scenery at night.Admire the beautiful scenery of Saigon from the bus on the riverThe first interesting experience when arriving at Bach Dang wharf is seeing the beautiful scenery of the Saigon River from the bus. Bach Dang Wharf is the place to start taking the bus to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the river. Visitors will admire the romantic beauty of the poetic Saigon River. Along the way, you will be able to witness firsthand the famous architectural works of the city named after Uncle such as Landmark 81 Building, Thu Thiem Bridge, Bitexco Building, Saigon Bridge.

Explore Bach Dang wharf parkDubbed the “green lung of District 1”, Bach Dang Wharf park has a large space and is located close to the romantic Saigon River. Therefore, many tourists come to Bach Dang Wharf in Saigon to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and have a romantic date.On weekends, during the Tet holidays, the Bach Dang Wharf park area organizes a “Sai Gon Center Market” market that attracts a large number of visitors. In particular, the fair also helps connect with the busiest pedestrian street Nguyen Hue in Saigon.

Freely check in and take virtual-living photosWhat to play at Bach Dang Wharf ? Bach Dang Wharf is also famous as a virtual living paradise with super beautiful shooting angles that are loved by young people. You can go sightseeing, check in next to high-rise buildings. Or enjoy a coffee by Bach Dang wharf with romantic scenery and beautiful lights.

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Enjoy the beautiful view at nightWhen night falls is also the best time to see the beautiful scenery of Bach Dang wharf. At this time, the Saigon River area is full of colorful lights. In the evening, Saigon people often go to Bach Dang wharf to enjoy the wind and admire the scenery. If possible, rent a yacht to admire the beautiful scenery of the romantic Saigon River at night.

Famous tourist destinations near Bach Dang Wharf in SaigonWhen visiting Bach Dang Wharf, you can combine exploring the nearby landmarks such as:– Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street: A famous entertainment place in Saigon, located close to Bach Dang Wharf. In the evening, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street attracts a large number of people, and tourists walk around to admire the scenery. In addition, when coming to this pedestrian street, visitors can also take virtual-living photos, enjoy a cafe with a beautiful view or watch street music performances.

– Independence Palace: This is a famous historical site in Saigon designed with more than 100 rooms and divided into 3 exhibition areas. Visiting the Independence Palace, you will learn about a heroic time of the nation and admire the living artifacts displayed here.– Ben Thanh Market: Considered as a symbol of Saigon tourism, impressive with unique French architecture. Visiting Ben Thanh market, tourists can also shop for all kinds of items and enjoy super delicious specialties.

– Nha Rong Wharf: An architectural work built by the French in Saigon. Visiting Nha Rong Wharf, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Uncle Ho’s life as well as the artifacts displayed at the museum.– Bui Vien West Street: A paradise of entertainment and dining at night in Saigon. Exploring West Street, visitors will enjoy very special street performances and singing.Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have a fun trip and discover Saigon Bach Dang Wharf with many interesting experiences.


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