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Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? Top 7 stunning places make you forget the way back home

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💁‍♂️The Solar New Year 2022 is coming soon. People across the country are about to welcome a new year with many dreams and hopes for the future after a year of struggles due to the Covid-19 epidemic. If young people in Binh Thuan are wondering where to go on New Year’s Eve in Phan Thiet, take a look at the suggestions right below!☑1. Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Doi Cat Bay( Flying sand dune)Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? If you choose Doi Cat Bay as your destination, you will unquestionably have an unforgettable experience in this land. Upon arrival here, you will have a feeling of getting lost in a remote desert. Do you know that the sand color in this land is created by iron mines? Therefore, there are many different color patches.

Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Doi Cat Bay( Flying sand dune)(Photo: collectible)The giant sand dunes changing their shapes continuously according to the time of day have created excitement for visitors. In front of the deep blue sky, the color of the sand is more prominent. The sand space here is spacious. Don’t miss the fascinating sandboarding or driving!

Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Doi Cat Bay( Flying sand dune)The sand dune has color variations during the day (Photo: collectible)☑2. Fairy Stream – a magical Solar New Year’s tourist destination in Phan ThietOne of the popular tourist attractions during Solar New Year in Phan Thiet is Fairy Stream. Perhaps when setting foot here, you will wonder why the watercolor at Tien stream is so distinctive orange-red. Because the stream is always red, it is very different from other streams.

Fairy StreamThe stream weaves through the terrain with a range of burnt red stalactites weathered by the wind with all shapes on one side and a lush green forest on the other. The contrast of colors has created a unique feature for Fairy Stream. It is also the factor that attracts so many tourists!

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The spring water here has a stunning orange-red color☑3. Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Poshanu Cham TowerWhere to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – If you are an architecture lover, you cannot ignore the Poshanu Cham Tower. Although the ancient Kingdom of Champa has disappeared for a long time, the unique architectural works they left behind always make many people surprised and sobbed. One of the most outstanding works is the cluster of Poshanu Cham Towers.

Poshanu Cham TowerThe first impression when coming here is the Hoa Lai architectural style – one of the architectural styles that captured the most splendid quintessence of the ancient Champa people. The entire cluster of towers is built from red-fired bricks, tightly packed together without an excess of mortar – a characteristic style of the Cham people that scientists still have no explanation for why humans could do that at that time.

Photo: collection)☑4. Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet?- Bau TrangBau Trang is the next destination on the list of Solar New Year’s tourist attractions in Phan Thiet. The highway runs through the white sand dunes creating a superb background for virtual living. The more you go, the more fascinating things you will discover when coming to Bau Trang.

Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet?- Bau Trang(Photo: kino.doan)After riding a motorbike on the sand to feel the beauty of this land to the fullest, you can sit on a boat floating on the lake, immerse yourself in the fragrant lotus scent and watch the fish swimming around.

Superb check in at Bau Trang5. Traveling to Phan Thiet on the Solar New Year, don’t miss Ke Ga LighthouseWhere to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Located about 30km from the city, Ke Ga Lighthouse is a super hot spot to visit and shoot in Phan Thiet. The lighthouse is situated majestically amid the vast sea with a beauty that is hard to describe in words.

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Ke Ga LighthouseAt different times of the day, nearby stones are constantly changing their color, reflecting shimmering light. Waves crash against the rocks, rocks jostle with sand, and water flutter on the sea. All of them seem to blend together. Coming here, you can enjoy swimming and wandering near the beach to record beautiful pictures.

It is a spot for enjoying stunning sunrise☑6. Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Phu Quy IslandPhu Quy Island is one of the attractive destinations in Phan Thiet city’s discovery journey during the New Year holiday. This island features many beautiful beaches and pagodas. Therefore, you can combine sea tourism and spiritual tourism in one place.

Phu Quy IslandPhu Quy Island impresses visitors with its idyllic and peaceful natural scenery. As tourism has not been greatly exploited, this land still retains its intact features. This island is indeed an incredible place for peace lovers.

Phu Quy Island☑7. Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? – Rang Dong Wine CastleIf you’re wondering where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet, Rang Dong wine castle is a stop you can consider. This place not only stores thousands of famous wine bottles from Napa valley but also attracts tourists thanks to its magnificent beauty. Once you enter here, you feel like you are getting lost in the European nobility building in the past. The watchtowers, guard towers, squares, and domes are designed stylishly and luxuriously.

Rang Dong Wine CastleEnjoying a glass of wine in an ancient and luxurious space is genuinely a top-notch experience for those who love romantic beauty.

The space here is very luxurious.Where to go on Solar New Year in Phan Thiet? The suggestions above will be the perfect answer that you can refer to. On this rather long holiday, don’t stay at home too much. Let’s take a little time to see the land of Phan Thiet changing its appearance!😍

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